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We offer:

short and long-term individual and couples counselling
counselling for all ages-youth and adult

The counselling services offered at CCS are intended to be change-oriented, brief and long term. Whether you are taking part in individual or couples counselling you will be encouraged to collaborate actively with your counsellor in a process that emphasizes your competence, strengths, and possibilities, rather than your limitations. Your counsellor will help you to develop clear and specific goals, so that you can measure your progress and know when counselling is complete.

Individual and Couples Counselling

One of the advantages of seeing a counselor on an on-going basis is that you have the opportunity to form a respectful, working alliance which many have found to be very helpful to the success of a counselling encounter.

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Counselling for All Ages

Dr. Kent Clayton has been supporting, guiding and strengthening both individuals and families with his counselling expertise, developmental programs and seminars.

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